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About Us 

Delisle Walwyn St.Maarten B.V.

In a strategic move to broaden its regional influence, Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd., distinguished as the largest and oldest privately-owned company in St. Kitts and Nevis, embarked on a significant expansion in March 2018. This expansion involved the acquisition of majority ownership in a new joint venture, formally known as Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten B.V. Collaborating in this venture is N.C. Wathey Holding Co. N.V., based in St. Maarten, contributes to the development of a dynamic partnership.

Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten B.V. specializes in comprehensive port agency and tour services on the captivating island of St. Maarten. The joint venture strategically aligns the expertise of Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd., with its deep-rooted legacy, and the local insights and operational capabilities of N.C. Wathey Holding Co. N.V. This synergy positions the company as a formidable player in servicing the maritime needs of the region, ensuring seamless port operations and providing a range of engaging tour experiences.

A pivotal milestone for Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten B.V. occurred in July 2018 when it acquired the prestigious St. Maarten 12 Metre Regatta tour. Recognized as one of the premier activities on the island, this acquisition bolstered the company's portfolio and solidified its standing as a provider of exceptional experiences for visitors. The company also collaborates with other established tour operators on the island, offering a diverse array of tour options. For those seeking a more personalized touch, the company extends the opportunity to create specialized tour packages upon request, all conveniently accessible through their website.

Building upon the legacy of Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd., which spans almost one hundred and seventy-five years, the joint venture maintains a steadfast commitment to the highest levels of customer service. This dedication has not only solidified the company's standing in St. Kitts and Nevis but has also resonated positively with the people of St. Maarten. The partnership's enduring reliability and trustworthiness have become hallmarks, fostering continued collaboration with valued partners and meeting the evolving expectations of discerning customers. 

As they navigate the maritime and tourism landscapes, Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten B.V. remains dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and memorable experiences to visitors exploring the enchanting Caribbean destination of St. Maarten.

We are the “People you can Trust”!